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This page provides detailed information on the features of the ShieldUI jQuery HTML5 input plugins, as well as links to fully functional examples of some of them.
The input group of widgets incorporates in them extensions of standard input fields into advanced controls, such as listboxes, comboboxes or checkboxes.
For a complete list of features and components, visit the following DEMO section.


The ShieldUI Checkbox jQuery plugin is an extension over the standard checkbox, to provide extended styling and unified look and feel. This is especially important, when nesting the checkbox component into another widget, such as a grid. Such a scenario is demonstrated in the example linked below.

Radio Button

The ShieldUI Radiobutton plugin, like the checkbox one, is an extension over a standard radio button. It provides all the advantages of unified appearance and styling options over the default input. This makes integration with other ShieldUI widgets easier.


The autocomplete control is an advanced input-extension widget, which offers standard autocomplete behavior. In addition to this, the component allows both local and remote databinding, thanks to the integration with the ShieldUI DataSource component.


The ShieldUI Listbox component enables an advanced listbox layout. This may include simple text, formatted text, or any other elements and text, such as images. The example below demonstrates one such use-case of the widget.


The ShieldUI Numeric component allows advanced numeric input options. Additionally, it offers spinner buttons, to allow button-triggered incrementing or decrementing of values.


The ShieldUI Masked input facilitates specific field input. Based on a predefined mask, the component allows only specific symbols to be entered. This may be a phone number, or any other custom sequence. The example below demonstrates a price section, which allows only numbers to be entered.

Additional Features

The control suite supports more features that the ones listed here. Some of these are:
Themes Custom events Formatting Custom Styling Rich API Integration Data Binding
For a complete list of features and components, visit the following DEMO section.